Dlx-Lighting 5000 Years Ago By The Egyptian People Had At The Start, Now Dlx-Lighting With Glass Blowing Artists Have Produced Handmade Artsy Lights High With Reliable Quality And A Touch Of Contemporary Design, Creating The Feel Of A More Beautiful Environment, Convenient And Safe . Is A Product Of A Combination Of Art Glass And Other Material That Promotes Mixing Glass High Quality With Various Decorations. Was Founded In 1994 With The Basic Concept Makes The Lights By Combining Elements Of Glass And Metal. Our Design Is Dominated By A Minimalist And Contemporary Models Are Very Trendy And Suitable For Growing Lifestyle Today And Matching For Use In The Hotel, Mall Plazas, Cafes, Restaurants, Recreation, Sports Hall, Housing Or Apartment. Design Excellence And Quality Of Our Products Has Been Proven By The Increasing Market Demand From Both Inside And Outside The Country. At This Time Our Products Have Been Exported To Foreign Countries Like Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Etc. That Is The Profile Of The Dlx-Lighting Which Is Our Flagship Product. Garden Lamp Wall Lamp Pendant Lamp Ceiling Lamp Glass Shade Flower Vase Candle Holder Glass Aquarium Glass Chimney Glass Storage Suggestions And Criticisms Of Each User, Designer, Architect, Etc. Will We Accept Gracefully In An Attempt To Enhance Our Products.